EMS+RF Sculpting Machine


Musculpting uses non-invasive, highly focused electromagnetic wave technology, he can safely enter the muscle tissue up to 7CM deep under the skin, triggering its motor neurons, subsequently, stimulating the muscle to perform super-strong contraction, reaching high-frequency extreme training, which can approach 100% muscle fiber activity, while general exercise can only reach 20-30%.

At the same time, the ultra-intense muscle contraction greatly increases the cellular demand for energy, releasing more adrenaline and prompting the decomposition of a large number of fat cells, burning and cutting fat at once and increasing the basal metabolic rate.


  • The only instrument in the world that can build muscle and reduce fat at the same time.
  • Painless, non-invasive, non-invasive, and no recovery period
  • reduce fat by 30%, increase muscle by 25%
  • 5000W powerful energy
  • Four handles can work at the same time
  • +800W RF energy
  • Intelligent operating system

A course of treatment can reduce your fat by 30%

Super strong muscle contraction greatly increases the energy demand of muscle cells, releases more adrenaline, and promotes the rapid decomposition of a large number of fat cells

Muscle fibers become thicker and hypertrophic, and muscle mass increases by 25%

High-energy concentrated electromagnetic waves safely enter the muscle tissue as deep as 7cm under the skin in a non-invasive way, triggering its motor neurons, and then triggering continuous super-strong muscle contraction due to action potentials, achieving high-frequency extreme training, and making nearly 100% muscle fibers generate activity