EMS RF Face Lift Machine


High Intensity Focused Electrical Stimulation

  • Designed to stimulate the fine facial muscles
  • Create supramaximal contractions instead of normal muscle contractions
  • Stimulates muscle motor neurons, along which signals are transmitted to the muscles

Sync RF

  • RF and High Intensity Focused Electrical Stimulation transmit simultaneously
  • Even heating of all skin layers
  • The entire treatment head is evenly heated
  • Kinetic Impedance Technology


  • 37% reduction of facial wrinkles in treated areas
  • 30% increase in muscle tone
  • 19% increase in muscle density
  • 23% improvement in the lift of the face
  • 26% increase in collagen
  • A two-fold increase in elastin production



NON-INVASIVE: EMYOUNG uses synchronized RF and High Intensity Focused electrical stimulation energies, and the treatment can be performed using the applicators independently. Needle-free, pain-free  and hands-free

FAST TREATMENT TIME: Treat a full face in as little as 20 minutes

MINIMAL DOWNTIME: Resume your daily routine as normal without the need for an at-home recovery period

LASTING RESULTS: The revolutionary treatment works to increase collagen and elastin levels, as well as strengthen the facial muscles that have weakened with age to create long-term results

COMFORTABLE: EMYOUNG is a tolerable and comfortable treatment, with patients experiencing only a sensation of warmth or a vibration and muscle contraction as the advanced technology gets to work.