Diode Laser Hair Removal


By properly adjusting the laser wavelength and pulse width, the laser can penetrate the top layer of skin and then reach the hair follicle. Then the light energy will be adsorbed and converted into thermal energy which can destroy the hair follicle. Thus the laser will make the hair lose its ability to regenerate while not destroying surrounding tissue.

After the client receives the treatment, the hair grows less and less, grows slower, grows thinner, and the hair color becomes lighter and lighter. The growth of hair is stable after 6 months- no longer grows at 9 and 12 months, 90% of patients get permanent hair removal, and the regenerated hair becomes thinner in diameter, lighter in color, and more natural.

  • Temperature can reach -30°C
  • 20HZ ultra-fast frequency
  • 100 million shots warranty
  • 1.54-inch touch screen
  • 4 wavelength: 755nm,808nm,940nm, 1064nm
  • spot size:12*12mm,12*20mm,12*24mm,12*28mm
  • Therapeutic Contact Surface: Sapphire Crystal






  • The laser light emitted by the diode laser hair removal instrument is easily absorbed by the colored hair follicles without damaging the epidermal tissue, and the follicles will be irreversibly damaged, thereby achieving the purpose of permanent hair removal.
  • Comfortable: The inside of the handle is equipped with a special temperature sensing system, which is controlled by software and relies on the powerful refrigeration system of the machine so that the temperature of the handle can reach a minimum of -30°C. The skin contact surface is made of sapphire material, which has an excellent cold conduction effect, and the treatment is comfortable and completely painless.
  • Efficient: 3000W ultra-strong machine power combined with high-power hand tools, and powerful energy. Ordinary machine hair removal cycle is 6-8 times, this machine only needs 3-5 times.
  • Fast: 10Hz (20hz) sliding therapy, high energy and short pulse width output mode, which greatly shortens the treatment time.
  • Safety: Passed ISO13485 system certification, TUV medical CE certification and US FDA certification.