Portable IPL Machine


A new method of hair removal and skin rejuvenation –  intense pulsed light with virtually no side effects and no pain, this technology offers a faster, more comfortable and safer treatment than other lasers.

Equipped with three modes, IPL, super hair removal and ELight, this machine is a more versatile instrument covering hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigment removal, redness removal and the treatment of active acne.

  • Power supply: 1500W high power output power supply
  • Capacitor: 3 large-capacity capacitors of
  • Xenon lamp: Xenon lamp with a diameter of 9MM and a lifespan of up to 1 million times
  • Cavity: using overall silver plating technology
  • Crystal: Handle light guide crystal, using quartz crystal
  • Refrigeration chip: The handle refrigeration chip adopts 108W high-power refrigeration chip
  • Refrigeration method: air cooling + water cooling + semiconductor refrigeration
  • Light spot: 15*50mm large spot size
  • Hands: Insert hand tools are optional, wavelength conversion is convenient and fast


  • Fast: Large light spot, 10Hz SHR high-frequency treatment is really fast
  • Comfort: Sapphire contact cooling, a patented cooling system is safe and does not damage the skin
  • Safety: low-energy, high-frequency fast sliding technology, truly safe
  • Effective: High energy density output, energy can reach deep hair follicles and be effectively absorbed without damaging the epidermis, suitable for all types of skin and hair treatments
  • Convenience: The selection of stamping and sliding modes is convenient and practical, and you can choose the appropriate treatment mode according to different parts.
  • Comprehensive: Comprehensive solution to skin problems integrating hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne removal, and anti-aging.