Nd Yag Laser Machine


The ND YAG laser is the most commonly used device for tattoo removal. The adjustment of treatment parameters allows the user to customize the treatment to the individual patient’s condition and skin type to maximize results, manage patient comfort, and reduce potential side effects.

The highly selective endogenous melanin of Q-Switched lasers performs as a high-speed shutter. The laser rods store energy in high quantities and emit it efficiently on the most affected areas of the skin. The high-speed pulses have to exit the affected areas to heal the skin internally. In nanoseconds, pulses are emitted and the bean stays uniform to avoid any harmful effect.

Permanent Makeup and All Colors Tattoo Removal

Pigmented Lesions Treatment
Nevus of Ota, birthmark, Sun Spot, Coffee Spot, Age Spot, Freckle

Skin rejuvenation
Oil control, Skin Whitening, Enlarged Pore Treatment, Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation

ND YAG LASER TATTOO REMOVAL MACHINE is a commonly used medical and aesthetic laser technology that can be used to solve a variety of skin problems and diseases. It has the advantage of penetrating deeply into the skin for a noticeable and long-lasting therapeutic effect

Good results
Smaller pigment particles for easier absorption and elimination by the body
High level of comfort
The laser penetrates directly into the skin and is easily absorbed by the melanin, greatly reducing pain during treatment and providing the highest level of comfort of any laser item.
While breaking up the pigment particles, the laser does not cause any damage to the surrounding skin tissue, reducing the risk of damage to normal tissue and reducing the probability of hyperpigmentation.

The four different kinds of handles cover a wide range of treatments including tattoo removal, skin dullness improvement, skin rejuvenation, acne removal and blackhead removal, etc.