Fractional CO2 Laser Machine


The ultra-pulsed fractional CO2 laser emits thousands of deep, tiny columns of focal spots, which are called microscopic treatment zones, into your skin. These light sources penetrate deep into the dermis and instantly vaporize the tissue around wrinkles and scars. This signals the collagen complexes to start the tissue repair and collagen rearrangement process, which ultimately results in youthful, fresh, and healthy skin.

  • 70w high power
  • USA RF tube laser driver
  • Korealab 7 joint laser arm
  • USA imported nano sensor motor
  • Fully intelligent operating system
  • Unique sliding scan treatment mode




  • The Fractional CO2 machine is a device that utilizes fractional CO2 laser technology for skin beautification. It is commonly used to treat and improve various skin issues such as scar repair, skin tightening, even skin tone, and reduction of pore size.
  • Long life span: The fractional uses a radio frequency tube with a life span of 20,000 hours
  • Stability: The laser emitted by the fractional array is not polarised and the light-guiding arm is firmly fixed, making it less likely to become inexpensive.
  • Multiple modes: Fractional mode, gynecological mode and surgery mode are all in one, multi-purpose machine.
  • High power: 1000w power supply ensures stable operation and sufficient energy output.