Cellular Oxygen Bio’Infusion



Cellular Oxygen Bio’Infusion

Intense hydration and oxygenation at the cellular level

The BioOxyInfusion treatment uses oxygen – the most natural and population safe component. A safe, proprietary treatment method developed by M’onduniq enables the therapy to be applied to any patient, regardless of their age or skin type. That is why our patients love treatments with bio-oxygen infusion because they can tighten and replenish the skin and eliminate imperfections in a non-invasive way.

Thanks to the combined therapies with BioOxy Infusion, we can offer our proprietary care programs, which complement aesthetic medicine treatments. The therapies combined with M’onduniq proprietary program are of individual nature, tailored to the needs of each patient and guarantee long-term effects.


  • face, neck and cleavage,
  • sensitive and delicate skin,
  • skin that needs intensive moisturizing,
  • skin with visible wrinkles,
  • skin with discolouration and photoageing,
  • acne and scarred skin,
  • skin after aesthetic medicine treatments,
  • skin after carboxytherapy,
  • skin after laser treatments,
  • anoxic skin.


  • skin smoothing and rejuvenation (OxyMassage head),
  • lifting face contour,
  • improved firmness and flexibility,
  • filling in wrinkles,
  • lifting around the eyes,
  • highlighted lips,
  • stimulated natural processes of skin restoration,
  • alleviation of acne changes (anaerobic bacteria).

Device with application tests carried out under the control of a dermatologist confirming the effectiveness of Bio Oxy Infusion cosmetic treatments.

Most ampoules and treatment cocktails.

6 treatment cocktails

  • Dragon’s Blood – combats discolouration
  • Snail Secret – combats acne
  • Snake Venom Power – lifting and skin tension
  • Excellence Magic Gold – anti-wrinkle and replenishing
  • Laser-IQ – for skin with dilated capillaries and irritated skin
  • HI’FUsion Aquadermié – hydration and DNA restoration

5 strengthening ampoules

  • Vitamino’CEA² – nutrition and vitamin energy,
  • Boto’PAX – lifting and anti-wrinkle,
  • Illumino’PP – sensitive, delicate skin with visible discolouration,
  • V-Slim – slimming effect,
  • Acné’H – problematic skin with visible scars.

4 dermo-oxygen massage masks

  • Illumino’PP – mask for sensitive and delicate skin
  • Acné’H – massage for problematic skin with visible scars.
  • Boto’PAX – lifting massage
  • Vitamino’CEA² – nutritional and vitamin massage

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