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Innovative nanocrystalline facelift technology.

Volumetiq is a device that allows to carry out a range of cosmetic treatments, based on the use of the latest nanocrystalline technology, which gives the device exceptional strength, resistance, conductivity and flexibility.

Nanocrystalline technology

The steel used to manufacture the device heads is made with the latest nanocrystalline technology. This results in its exceptional strength, resistance, conductivity and flexibility, as well as ionization. It is the latest achievement in the field of construction of high-quality materials providing improved final and treatment effects. The Volumetiq Lift offers the customer an effective treatment, with visible and immediate results while maintaining the highest level of safety.

M’onduniq volumetric lifting technology

A unique way of injecting concentrated active ingredients deep into the skin using a synergic nanocrystalline volumetric lifting technology.

Combined technologies:

  • Nanocrystalline bipolar radiofrequency,
  • Nano-needle fractional mesotherapy and nanosilicone Nanocrystal Pen ,
  • Nanocrystal Pen Micropeeling,
  • Needle-free nanomesotherapy with Led Blue & Green phototherapy,
  • 5-10˚C Led Blue Nanocryotherapy

Bipolar technology

The bipolar technology concerns two poles of integrated electrodes. The current generated by the device only flows through the tissues that are between the two electrodes and not through the patient’s body. For bipolar technology, a neutral electrode is not needed.

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