Bloomea Modeling is a 3-action treatment designed by French cosmetic surgeons specifically for beauty institutes. Used for 10 years by these surgeons in their practice, this very easy to use and painless process has been adapted in collaboration with beauticians and is now available to all beauty institutes.

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The Bloomea® Modeling is a 3-action treatment designed by French cosmetic surgeons specifically for beauty institutes. Used for 10 years by these surgeons in their practice, this very easy to use and painless process has been adapted in collaboration with beauticians and is now available to all beauty institutes.

Originally, it was while looking for a process to fade postoperative scars that French cosmetic surgeons developed over 10 years ago the first device of Macro-exfoliation by oscillations (non-medical), effective, harmless and painless, usable in their office.

Several years of research, use and optimization have enabled them to come up with a first innovative concept which is revolutionizing skin surface care today: Bloomea® optimal macro-exfoliation . Optimal in its safety and effectiveness, this modern technique designed specifically for beauty institutes, smoothes the skin and unites its complexion: a real uniformization of the skin. Its use is easy and instinctive for skin professionals: it combines perfect safety and hygiene, with personalized and optimal efficiency never equaled in the field of surface skin care.

To complete this action, they have enriched it with a second innovative concept, Bloomea® High Frequency Microvibration Modeling , which resonates and tightens the skin by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen in the dermis. Finally, they reinforced the actions of these 2 new processes with the contribution of radiant care: Light therapy (633 nm).

Thus was born the complete treatment in 3 actions called MODELING BLOOMEA® presented in these 2 descriptive films.

The M acro-optimal exfoliation – first innovative concept
The M odelage high frequency micro vibrations Bloomea – Second innovative concept
The L uminothérapie lengths of active waves on the skin (633nm)

Given the quality of the results obtained, they extended this treatment to stretch marks , very similar to scars in their constitution: on average 8 to 9 people out of 10 were fully satisfied with the result on stretch marks. This process therefore turns out to be an important innovation in the world of aesthetics.

Motivated by these encouraging results, they then used it gradually with success on many other skin imperfections such as acne sequelae and other scars, sun spots linked to pregnancy or the pill, neckline furrows, back of hands etc.

If the process proves effective on these marked irregularities of the skin, it is also effective for finer imperfections: in this logic, they have extended the process to regular aesthetic care of the face aimed at maintaining it, refining the grain of the skin. skin, tighten pores, reduce fine lines, tone the skin and unify its complexion.

After more than 10 years of optimization and conclusive tests – 94% satisfaction * on all Bloomea® treatments – this innovation, until then reserved for customers of cosmetic surgery practices, is made available to beauticians with a specific design. Described as a true “revolution in skin care”, Modeling Bloomea® was awarded at the International Congress of Applied Aesthetics in Paris (Innovation Prize 2015).

* Clinical study carried out on 173 people who benefited from Modeling Bloomea® between February 2012 and June 2014: 163 people were fully satisfied with the result, i.e. a satisfaction rate of 94%.


The effectiveness of Modeling Bloomea is exponential: the more we advance in the sessions, the more effective the treatment is. Indeed, thanks to the personalized follow-up carried out with the Bloomea® Carnet, the number of Modeling sessions increases session after session according to a simple and precise protocol, to achieve the optimal efficiency specific to each person treated.
The 1st sessions prepare the skin for the much greater effectiveness of the following sessions.

Each skin being unique, the Bloomea® Modeling is a personalized and optimized treatment session after session thanks to the Bloomea® Notebook specific to each client. This notebook ensures precise follow-up which allows a gradual adaptation of the skin care of each client according to the results of the previous sessions. One of the secrets of Bloomea® Modeling: it is the client herself who defines the degree of efficiency she desires at each session.

From the start of their research, surgeons definitively ruled out the use of «fixed disinfected tips between each treatment», because they were despite everything at the origin of transmissions with skin rashes.
For more than 10 years, Bloomea® has favored the exclusive use of personalized single-use tips (unopened in front of the client), in order to optimally ensure the rigorous hygiene essential for this treatment. In practice, this also has the advantage of quick and easy daily use because it avoids any maintenance.

On the body, the Bloomea® treatment gradually fades stretch marks, which is a real revolution in the world of aesthetics: 80% of women and 20% of men are affected.
The Bloomea® cure effectively reduces most scars on the body.

On the hands, the Bloomea® treatment smooths the skin, tones it and unifies its complexion. It rejuvenates the backs of the hands, a “social” area of ​​the body.
On the neck and décolleté, the Bloomea® treatment refines the skin texture and reduces furrows.

On the face, the Bloomea® treatment reduces the after-effects of acne and other scars, reduces sun spots (related to pregnancy or the pill) and refines the skin texture. It tightens pores, tones, tightens and softens the skin, and refines fine lines.

As a one-off treatment on the face, Bloomea® radiance boosting treatment is much more effective than a classic manual treatment in a beauty salon for the maintenance of a purified, smoother and more harmonious face.

Finally, Bloomea® is regularly used at the start of other facial treatments in the institute to purify the skin optimally, much better than the classic manual exfoliation which remains incomplete. A passage of Bloomea® Macro-exfoliation is sufficient for a perfect exfoliation, complete in depth and homogeneous on the surface: this is the OPTIMAL Bloomea® EXfoliation.

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