Infinity C Liposomal C Cream SP SPF 30

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A specialist cream that illuminates the skin with active liposomal Vitamin C encapsulated in nanolipids with a diameter of less than 250 nm made of natural phospholipids.

It is an innovative technology of intensive diffusion of the active ingredient into the deep layers of the skin, ensuring better absorption and penetration.

Thanks to the use of an appropriate combination of active ingredients in combination with a delicate and velvety formula, the cream evens out the skin tone and perfectly moisturizes.

After use, the skin becomes smooth, radiant and brighter. Verbena extract guarantees anti-wrinkle properties and controls the skin’s hydration process. The filter contained in the product also provides natural protection against radiation and photoaging of the skin.

MonduniqActive ingredients:

  • LPD Lightening (liposomal vitamin C),
  • red algae extract, verbena extract,

Hydromanil, Allantoin.


  • evens out the color,
  • smoothes,
  • perfectly moisturizes,
  • the skin becomes radiant,
  • brighter with a healthy appearance,
  • wrinkles and discoloration become less visible,
  • increases skin protection against radiation thanks to the SPF 30 filter.