HI’FUsion Aquadermié


HI’FUsion Aquadermié is an innovative and non-surgical face lift at the level of the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) which has so far remained beyond the reach of non-invasive cosmetic cosmetology procedures. HI’FUsion Aquadermié technology uses the most advanced ultrasonic energy, allowing deep penetration of deeper layers of the dermis and SMAS layer. As a result of the ultrasonic wave, thousands of condensation points which have a direct effect on the formation of collagen are produced. The fibers are heated, which causes them to expand and then shrink immediately.

This reaction stimulates collagen, resulting in the development of new collagen fiber combinations and the expansion and generation of new collagen fibers which have a significant impact on the process of increasing skin elasticity. The whole reaction occurs inside the skin, from its center, which is a real revolution and translates into even better results of the procedure. The effects of the procedure are more durable and last much longer than in case of other devices of this type due to the use of the latest technology of focused high-intensity ultrasonic wave beam.

Mode of action

The beam of focused ultrasound applied in the device reaches deeper layers of the skin in the form of a thermal stimulus. The goal, but at the same time the natural result of the action of the focused wave, is the coagulation of proteins and collagen fibers. As a result of these actions, micro-inflammations occur, which, however, do not damage the tissue adjacent to the place of action of the device and the surface of the skin. The temperature produced during the procedure ranges from 68 to 72oC. This range gives the best results and is optimal for influencing the collagen contained in the skin.

Procedure results

  • tension of the skin on both cheeks,
  • improvement of the chin line,
  • improvement of the skin condition – it becomes smoother and softer,
  • reduction of neck aging,
  • improvement of skin elasticity – contour is more compact,
  • forehead tension – co-existent component,
  • visible reduction of wrinkles around the forehead eyes and mouth.


Effective, fast, durable and non-invasive anti-aging procedure with the use of high frequency ultrasonic conduction that stimulates collagen and elastin. The effects of the procedure can last from 2 to 5 years.

There is no need for anesthesia or the anesthesia is only applied on the surface and at the site of the procedure. The procedure is more convenient for patients, because after it is finished, no additional time is required for skin regeneration. In some cases and certain procedures, post-procedure guidelines should be observed. First of all, the procedure is safe. It does not require interference with the body and is carried out without bleeding. Its effect is firming.

Thanks to its properties, the procedure can be combined with other procedures and cosmetic series and provide an ideal complement for them. Hi’FUsion Aquadermie’s additional care series is designed to prepare the customer for the procedure and support the effects after it. The procedure is very flexible, that is, it easily adapts to the needs of the customer.

Ansiktsløft, ultralyd, ultralyd bølger, antialdring, reduksjon av hake og slapp hud på halsen.