Aquametiq Hydra Prime


Aquametiq Hydra Prime Hydro-Acid Cleanser.

The action of active hydrogen reduces the excess of free radicals, too much of which contributes to premature skin aging. The Aquametiq hydra prime cleanses the skin and neutralises excess free radicals. This action is mainly based on the penetration of hydrogen into the deeper layers of the skin’s structure, which takes place through a saturated water jet.  This action also causes deep exfoliation. Thanks to this, not only do we obtain better treatment effects, but we also protect our skin against premature aging.

Free radicals bind to hydrogen ions, which leads to water and oxygen. It should be noted that there is no molecule that can be equally effective in reducing the effects of free radicals on the skin surface. That is why Aquametiq hydra prime with Bio Oxy Infusion or M’onduniq treatments where there are scarring problems and treatments with which we want to rejuvenate, laxate or nourish the skin becomes so effective.

Frie radikaler, hydrogen, dyp peeling, arr, foryngelse.